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Who We Are

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Our Vision

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Restaurant Hours

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 3pm for lunch, 5pm – 9pm for dinner.

Friday: 11am – 3pm for lunch, 5pm – 10pm for dinner.

Saturday: 11am– 4pm for lunch, 4pm – 10pm for dinner.

Sunday: Open for food from 10:30am - 3pm with limited breakfast, lunch and appetizers items served.


7 Days a Week: 11am – 2am.
Happy Hour: M-F; 3pm-7pm (Half off Apps, Drink Specials).  

Bar/Lounge is open from 11am - 2am.    

Bingo- Every Monday Night at 6:30 pm.  

Karaoke - Every Tuesday Night 6:30pm-10:30pm.

Wine Down Wednesday-$2 glass, half off on bottles, plus Comedy Night 9pm-11pm.  

Piano Man Jim McEwen- 1st Thursday of Every Month 5pm-9pm.

Live DJ- Every Thursday 10pm-1am.

Live bands - Every Friday and Saturday: 9pm – 1am.  

Sunday Breakfast & Lunch. Open Early for Football Season. Football Menu available form 10:30am-3pm.

Band Auditions on selected Sundays from 5pm - 7pm.

Contact Us

Glendora Continental Restaurant

(626) 914-1834

316 W. Route 66
Glendora, CA 91740

Glendora Continential

316 W. Route 66,

Glendora, CA 91740

Phone. 626-914-1834

Email. glendora.continentalrestaurant@gmail.com