Le Pays Basque

The Basque country, or 'le pays Basque as one would say in French is located in the Pyrenees mountain range straddling southwestern France, northeastern Spain and includes the coast of the Bay of Biscay. The "Basque country" as we like to refer to it is filled with mountains, green grass and beautiful coast beaches. Biarritz, France and its surrounding coast comprise of some of the world's best surfing beaches. Some people from this region differentiate themselves as either French or Spanish Basque depending whether their ancestry were born in France or Spain but most Basque-centric people simply use the term "Basque".

The lauburu or Basque cross is a traditional Basque symbol with four comma-shaped heads. Today, it is a symbol of the Basque country and the unity of the Basque people. If you have ever seen someone wearing one around their neck you can bet they are Basque!

The Basque people are unique for a variety of reasons but particularly for their language, or Euskadi. Euskara is the Basque language and a person who speaks Basque is Euskaldun, a speaker of Euskara. Euskara is a language isolate meaning it is a language of its own origin and not a descendant of any other known language. Originally believed to be a mix of French and Spanish, based on it's locale might make sense, but this is not the case at all. Francisco Franco, dictator of Spain from 1939 until his death in 1975 outlawed the use of the Basque language but there is now a revival with many school children having the choice to attend Basque immersion schools or 'ikastolal There are many 'X's' in the Basque language which most people find strange to the ear. The 'tx' is a popular diphone and is pronounced like 'chi in American English. 'Kaixo is how you would say "hi" and 'eskerrick asko is how you say thank you.

The Basque country is perhaps best known to Americans for the 'Running of the Bulls'. This annual event takes place in the capital of the province of Navarre, Pampelona Spain, or 'Iruna', as you would say in Euskara. For one week every July people can run through the streets chased by 5 to7 bulls. These bulls are later used for the evening bullfights. The traditional outfit for running is white with a red scarf known as the Spanish "Panuelico" and 'Running of the Bulls' is one of the largest and most popular festivals in Spain honoring Saint or 'Sans' Fermin.

Comprised of seven provinces, Basque country has four in Spain and three in France. The four in Spain are
Gipuzkoa, Biscaya, Araba and Navarre. The three provinces in France are Basse Navarre, Xiberoa and I.apurdi.
Jean & Elisabeth Sabarots, the founders of the Glendora Continental immigrated here from small villages (Osscs
& Lecumberri) around St. Jean Pied de Port, the capital of the providence Navarre.
Elizabeth Larrade (her maiden name) beginning at age 12 worked at the reputable 'Hotel Arcee in St. Eitienne de
Baigorri. It was here where she learned her many culinary talents she later brought to America. Jean Sabarots grew
up working on his family farm but his heart longed for adventure. Many of Jean's parents generation were sheep
herders who traveled back and forth from the American west to the Basque country but when Jean made his way
to America he stayed. His point of entry was Coalinga, California. Jean herded sheep for a short while and worked
on a dairy farm. He spent his free time in Chino, California where many Basque people congregate and still do
today. In 1980, after owning the Little Smorgasbord in Covina, California Jean and Elisabeth opened their dream;
The Glendora Continental Restaurant.

Together for over 30 years Jean and Elisabeth worked daily. They have three daughters, Marguerite (Maggie),
Antoinette (Toni) and Bernadette (Bernie). In 2005 Elizabeth lost her battle to colon cancer and in 2012 Jean's
health gave way. Today the Glendora Continental Restaurant and Lounge is an iconic institution on the famous
Route 66. We sincerely hope you enjoy your experience here and welcome!

Restaurant Hours

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 3pm for lunch, 3pm – 10pm for dinner.

Friday: 3pm – 10pm for dinner.

Saturday: 11am– 4pm for lunch, 4pm – 10pm for dinner.

Sunday: Bar open from 11am - 2am


7 Days a Week: 11am – 2am.
Happy Hour: M-F; 3pm-7pm (Half off Apps, Drink Specials).  

Bar/Lounge is open from 11am - 2am.    

Bingo- Every Tuesday Night at 6:30 pm.  

Karaoke - Every Wednesday Night at 6:30pm.

Wine Down Wednesday-$2 glass, half off on bottles, plus 

Live bands - Every Friday and Saturday: 9pm – 1am.  

Sunday Breakfast & Lunch. Open Early for Football Season. Football Menu available from 10:30am-3pm.

Open Jam is Every Sunday from 7pm - 11pm

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